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SciENcv Troubleshooting Guide

Below are some troubleshooting techniques to some frequently asked questions. You can search with keywords for your most relevant question or you can submit a new question or comment by emailing

Biosketch Exceeds 3 Page Limit

Q. I transferred my old biosketch to SciENcv. It used to fit on three pages, but now it is too long.

A. The default font size for the downloaded SciENcv pdf version of the NSF biosketch is Times New Roman 11.5. Modifications are not allowable per the NSF statutes. As a result, you'll need to reduce size otherwise by condensing your synergistic activities and abbreviating journal article names, titles, and university names. If absolutely necessary, you can reduce the number of authors in listed publications and use et al.

Current Title and Organization Error in Biosketch

Q. My current title and organization are not showing up in the title of my biosketch even though I have it listed as being current in section B. Appointments.

A. Make sure that the "Use this entry as the position title and current employment" is marked at the bottom of the appropriate entry in B. Appointments

Mini-profile Block Not Active on SciENcv

Q. Mini-profile block is not visible or cannot be edited by PI or delegated administrator and PI’s ORCiD account does not appear to be linked on delegated administrator user platform.

A. This complication came up when PI did not have Manage SciENcv option and instead had to add ORCiD account through My NCBI settings page. In response, when a new biosketch has been started within the PI’s SciENcv account, the PI’s name will appear in the block above section A. Professional Preparation. Click [Edit] to open the mini-profile pop-up. At the bottom of the pop-up, you’ll see the option to Add your ORCID iD to this profile? Click there and the ORCiD account previously linked by the PI in their Account Settings should now be visible.

Missing Manage SciENcv Option

Q. Cannot link ORCiD account because Manage SciENcv internal link is not visible at the bottom right-hand section of the My NCBI homepage. Instead, the only option is Click here to create a new CV.

A. ORCiD account can still be linked by clicking your username at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Access Change option inside the Linked Accounts block. Add ORCiD to the search bar and follow link to log into ORCiD account.

Publications Not Appearing in PI's My Bibliography

Q. Other Authorized User added publications to My Bibliography, but they are not showing up when OAU is trying to add them to a PI’s SciENcv biosketch.

A. Check to make sure publications were added to the correct My Bibliography. Chances are, they may have been added to your own My Bibliography as an administrator. Publications for a PI’s biosketch need to be added to that PI’s delegated My Bibliography which is available by clicking (PI name) bibliography under Delegated Bibliographies on the My NCBI homepage.

PubMed Publications Cannot be Modified in My Bibliography

Q. The publications received from PubMed are not able to be modified by user in My Bibliography and I don’t want to include the PubMed ID or I want all journal names spelled out.

A. There is no way to change the publications received from PubMed. As such, if you want to spell out the Journal names in a consistent manner, or you do not want to include PubMed ID #s because of aesthetic concerns or because you’re over the page limit and are looking to save space, you’ll need to delete the PubMed publications from your My Bibliography and instead add them back manually or upload them as RIS files that can then be modified.