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NSF Early Career Funding Opportunities

Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) - NSF 17-537

  • Deadline 
    • July 18, 2018 (Third Wednesday in July, Annually Thereafter) BIO, CISE, EHR
    • ​July 19, 2018 (Third Thursday in July, Annually Thereafter) ENG
    • ​July 20, 2018 (Third Friday in July, Annually Thereafter) GEO, MPS, SBE
  • Who is eligible to apply? Single PI (Proposals submitted with a co-PI will be returned without review)
    • Hold a doctoral degree by the deadline date in a field supported by NSF
    • Be untenured until October 1 following the deadline 
    • Have not previously received a CAREER award (prior or concurrent Federal support for other types of awards or for non-duplicative research does not preclude eligibility)
    • By October 1st following the deadline for submission of CAREER proposals be employed in a tenure-track (or tenure-track-equivalent) position as an assistant professor (or equivalent title) at an accredited institution 
  • What is the budget and duration? 
    • The minimum CAREER award size is $400,000 for a five-year period for all directorates except for the Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO), the Directorate for Engineering (ENG), and the Division of Polar Programs (PLR).
    • For proposals submitted to BIO, ENG, or PLR, the minimum award size is $500,000 over five years. 
  • Additional Notes
    • A Principal Investigator (PI) may submit only one CAREER proposal per annual competition.
    • A Principal Investigator may not participate in more than three CAREER competitions.
    • Proposals that are not reviewed (i.e., are withdrawn before review or are returned without review) do not count toward the three competition limit.
    • Support for senior personnel other than the PI that is commensurate with a limited collaborative role in the project IS  ALLOWED in the budget of the proposal or of a subrecipient. 
  • Resources Relevant to the NSF CAREER

Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Research Initiation Initiative (CRII) - NSF 18-554

  • Deadline - August 8, 2018; Second Wednesday in August, Annually Thereafter
  • Who is eligible to apply? Single PI (no co-PI or senior personnel allowed)
    • Hold a primary appointment (or if applying to the CISE Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure, hold a full- or part-time appointment) in computer and/or information science and/or engineering, or in a related field of computational or data science (where the PI would normally submit proposals to CISE programs)
    • Be untenured; and
    • Be in the first three years of a tenure-track or research science or education position (or equivalent). The number of years includes any academic position held post-PhD, exclusive of postdoctoral appointments. Only official leaves of absence (for illness, family, etc.) may be subtracted from the total time in the position, as certified by the PI's department chair/head in the required letter of support
  • What is the budget and duration? - $175,000 in total costs over 24 months
  • Additional Notes
    • Principal Investigator may participate in no more than two CRII competitions. Proposals that are not reviewed (i.e., are withdrawn before review or are returned without review) do not count toward the two competition limit.
    • A PI may submit one proposal per annual competition.
    • No summer salary, course buyouts, or academic year salary costs are allowed for the PI. Most of the funds should go toward student(s)

Plant Genome Research Program (PGRP): Early Career Investigator Awards in Plant Genome Research

The relevant portion of this funding opportunity is to enable career advancement to build new careers in plant genomics as Early Career Awards (ECA-PGR).

  • Deadline - Proposals Accepted Anytime
  • Who is eligible?
    • For Early Career Investigator Awards (ECA-PGR) only: Individuals must hold an appointment as a tenure-track Assistant Professor (or equivalent) at a U.S. academic or non-profit research institution within 6 months of submission of the proposal and may submit for up to four years from the start date of the appointment.
  • What is the budget and duration?
    • Estimated Number of Annual Awards: 10 to 20
    • Anticipated Funding Amount: $15,000,000
    • No specific limit included for individual proposals or duration of proposed project
  • Additional Notes
    • An investigator may submit only one proposal as PI within a 12-month period, counted from the date of submission, whether a proposal is declined or awarded. 
    • Co-PIs and other senior personnel may be included in the proposal, particularly as mentors.
    • There is no limit to the number of proposals submitted by an investigator as co-PI or senior personnel.